¼ Beef (121 lbs. Hanging Weight)

This quarter cut of beef includes the following:

  • ~40-45% Ground Beef 
  • ~20-25% Steaks (Ribeye/T-Bone/Tenderized/Sirloin/Round)
  • ~18-23% Roasts (Sirloin Tip/Chuck/Arm/Pot/Rump)
  • ~10-15% Other (Soup Bones, Liver, Short Ribs, Tongue, Kidneys (if available)) 

Historically this farm has a 60-65% hanging - take-home weight ratio.  You can expect between 73 and 80 lbs. of take-home meat from this order.

Quarters are usually available around mid-November.  Just before Thanksgiving!

Please note that actual cuts and weights vary by animal.

Please note: Product may differ from image. Image is often representative of product only. Please refer to description and product details for accurate information.